Handmade Gemstone Donut Adjustable Necklace

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Product Description

I used an assortment of gemstone donut beads and a mix of cotton cord and nylon cord to make these necklaces. Josephine knots add some style, and I used sliding knots to make the necklaces adjustable.

The gemstone beads came as an assortment, so I'm not entirely sure what type of stone they all are. The lime green ones might be chrysoprase, based on my research. As for the rest, I'm afraid I don't know, sorry! :)

You'll notice that I have four different colors available: striped brown, orange, green, and lime green. I only have one of the brown and orange options, two green, and many lime green necklaces. Please specify which you would like during the checkout process, else I will send you a lime green necklace. Thanks! :)

~One size fits most


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Handmade Gemstone Donut Adjustable Necklace Handmade Gemstone Donut Adjustable Necklace Handmade Gemstone Donut Adjustable Necklace

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